Who is Adam?
He is an eclectic, talented designer born and bred in Brunswick with an Italian background. Founder of Exzibit Design, with years of experience in woodworking, interior installations and botanical design.

With the Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show (2020) fast approaching, the installation from Exzibit Design was ready to be installed for the public to admire. This year there was intention to introduce many new lush and exotic plants.

And then the pandemic hit. The show (and event industry overall), like many other events could no longer go ahead, putting the future of Exzibit at risk.

Adam found himself with a plant filled jungle warehouse and no obvious direction to turn towards. 

By chance Adam met Elisa in Brunswick. Both discovered they had a similar taste in design, a passion for indoor plants, whilst also having a cultural connection through Italy.

Who is Elisa?
She is an entrepreneur, a student in several languages, has years of experience in visual merchandising and a keen eye for attention to detail. 

Elisa and Adam joined forces and started working together to create The Brunswick Nursery.  

We both hope to provide you a unique experience and a plant (or more!) which will make you happy all year round. 

Adam & Elisa.

The Brunswick Nursery.